About the Project

Readings for Life started as a project to disciple young believers. There are many out there who try to tell believers what it means to be blessed by God, have faith, live with wisdom, etc. However, followers of Christ are called to know and believe what God has said about these topics. The idea for the family reader was born.

The intention of this reader is to help you encounter God through the Bible and hear what he says about a variety of topics. We have plans for adding at least two more years to the reader. God willing, year 2 will be released in January 2021 and year 3 in January 2022.

Using the App

Readings for Life is a web app, which means there is nothing for you to download. Any updates will happen automatically. If you are using the site on Google Chrome, you can get more of an app-like experience by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser and clicking "Add to Home Screen." This will add the app to the home screen of your phone and allow you to view it like an application you download from an app store. If you don't do this the site will work like any other website you visit. On a non-Chrome browser you can still add it to the screen and your device will add a shortcut to the website that allows you to get there faster each day.

Each time you reload or visit the website it will automatically bring up the current day's reading. Navigating the app is meant to be easy and intuitive.

Search by date

If you've missed a day or just want to jump around to different days, click on the search icon, choose the month, and then select the date you want to go to.

Today's reading

Regardless where you are in the app, you can get back to the current day's reading by clicking the calendar icon.

Bible version

Tap the settings icon to choose which version or language you want to display the bible text in. When you come back to the app the website will remember your last selection and display the text in your last chosen language/version. The default version is the English Standard Version.


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